Our policies


Conflict Free Policy (Precious Metal)

We at Miki Siamese International Co. Ltd are committed to the Signet Responsibility Sourcing Protocol (SRSP) for Gold, Silver, and for Tungsten, Tanlalum and tin (3Ts).  We confirm that all the precious metals used in our manufacturing process are responsibly sourced and conflict-free. 


Conflict Free Policy (Diamonds)

We are committed to ensure high ethical standards in our sourcing of diamonds.  We require our diamond suppliers to warrant that all diamonds are supplied in compliance with the Signet Responsibility Sourcing Protocol (SRSP).  All diamonds are to be purchased from a legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations Resolutions and Corresponding national laws.  If we found any of our suppliers are to be found in any violation, we would end relationship.  We will continue to support any process that upholds legitimate and ethical diamond trade.


Miki Siamese’s Supply Chain Due Diligence Report 2020

We did our annual evaluation and due diligence follow up with all our suppliers by the end of 2019.  We did not find any of our suppliers to be high-risk (Red Flag). 



We believe in moral goodness and are committed in running our business in line with the UN Guilding Principles on Human Rights.  We follow the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and principles concerning fundamental rights set out by the International Labour Organization.  We will adhere to national law, while seeking ways to respect international human rights to the greatest extent possible.



We are committed to meet environment rules and regulations in our operation with the aim to achieve sustainability and environmental awareness.  This includes…

  1. Protecting the environment and reducing emissions in operations
  2. Commitment to local environmental law and regulation
  3. Promote habit for conserving energy and resources within the company
  4. Reducing waste using “3Rs”, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  5. Preventing accidents which could have negative effects on environment