For the OEM, the client provides Miki Siamese with their designs including all the specifications. CAD (3D) diagrams can be provided by the client or have our design team can create diagrams with Matrix program. The CAD diagram allows us to adjust the dimensions for shrinkage and allow us to provide customers with a more accurate price estimate and foreshadow any possible problems in the production process. This initial step can take 1 to 2 weeks. Once the designs and specifications have been approved, the client will then make a deposit and the order will go into production. Production takes around 4-6 weeks; given design, quantity, availability of materials, Once the order is ready to ship out customers will transfer the remaining balance and your order will be on way. For the ODM process customers can pick from our collections on the e-catalog. Generally, all our collections are ready to start production, unless customers would like to make minor adjustments and changes to the designs and specifications.


OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

Miki Siamese can become your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). We can utilize your designs & specifications to turn your ideas into quality finished fine pieces of art. Our experts can give clients advice and recommendations to ensure that ideas can be produced into the highest quality jewelry possible. Miki Siamese works closely with clients to ensure we meet their needs and high demands. We’re flexible when it comes to sourcing materials and we have partners who can supply usgemstones at competitive prices.

ODM - Original Design Manufacturer

Our designers work hard to predict trends in a constantly evolving industry. Clients can select from various designs and collections from Miki Siamese as a Original Design Manufacturer or ODM. Our designs can be made to clients’ needs and demands. We can produce your collection in Silver 925, 18K Gold or even platinum with rhodium plating or rose gold. Clients can choose to set with diamonds, Cubic Zirconia or Nano Gems. Registers customers who have access to the E-catalog can place orders online, and once the deposit is made production will take 4 to 6 weeks.

Our Plating Line

Miki Siamese has an exceptional plating facility with over 20 plating baths which enables us to have a plating capacity of over 10,000 pieces per day. Before your pieces of art are plated we make sure that the surface of the metal is properly prepped. This ensure that consistent thickness of plating is maintained throughout the entire piece of jewelry. Experts monitor the baths constantly to make sure that the proper optimal pH is maintained to make sure that your piece of art is plated to the highest quality.

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CAD & 3D Printer

Every piece begins from an idea that is then drawn and sketched onto paper. Our design team then utilizes computer-aided design or CAD to produce 3D renderings of the drawing. This allows us to see if there might be any problems when the model goes into production. The 3D renderings are then printed on our 3D printer for further assessment before being casted into a silver model master.

Fisherscope XAN250

Our XRF X-Ray machines are used to inspect and measure plating coating thickness to make sure that we meet our customers requirements. The machine is capable of measuring in units of nanometers (1nm = 0.001micron = 0.0000001mm). In addition to this the XRF machine is also used for precious metal analysis to determine its content for us to verify the composition and purity.


Laser Engraving

Miki uses Photonic Science iMark Plus machine to laser engrave our clients logos, Metal designation (SV925, 18K, 14K, etc), or even custom messages. Our laser engraving machines allows us to engrave precisely on your works of art and capable of engraving curved letterings and words. The iMark Plus produces high quality engravings of logos, 2D barcodes, serialized number and graphics, with a cleaner and clearer engraving compared with other machines.